GMC Determinations about the Steven Lomax case

Here are the three formal rul­ings recently made by the Brit­ish Gen­eral Med­ical Coun­cil about the Steven Lomax, a Brit­ish psy­chi­at­rist recently struck off the register of doc­tors for:

  • con­duct­ing an inap­pro­pri­ate emo­tional and sexual rela­tion­ship with a patient;
  • appar­ently des­troy­ing her med­ical records;
  • bring­ing the med­ical pro­fes­sion into disprepute.

GMC Determ­in­a­tion of Facts: Down­load GMC_Determination_on_facts

GMC Determnin­a­tion of Impair­ment: Down­load Determination_on_impairment

GMC Determ­in­a­tion of Sanc­tion: Down­load Lomax_GMC_sanction