IT Defense Conference, Hamburg January 2008

In January 2008 I spoke at the IT Defense Conference in Hamburg in January 2008.  This is a summary of my talk.

The Spying Game? – Annie Machon

I gave a presentation about the role of intelligence
agencies in the current era of the unending “war on terror”, how they
monitor us, and the implications for our democracies.

In the name of protecting national security, spy agencies are being
given sweeping new powers and resources. Their intelligence has been
politicised to build a case for the disastrous war in Iraq, they are
failing to stop terrorist attacks, and they continue to collude in
illegal acts of internment and torture, euphemistically called
“extraordinary rendition”. Most western democracies have already given
so many new powers to the spies that we are effectively living in
police states. As an informed community, what can we do about this?
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assassination attempt against Colonel Gaddafi of Libya

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