My article in The Guardian, 24 January 2011

Annie_1_Heleen_Banner Here's a link to my article in The Guardian today, exploring the confused roles of modern British spies, and looking at some ways to sort out the mess. 

Both the police and the spooks seem to be having a bit of an identity crisis at the moment…

Cambridge Union Society Talk, 28th January 2011

Cus_logo I shall be returning to my alma mater next week to do a talk at the Cambridge Union Society on 28th January.  I'll be discussing spies, civil liberites, whistleblowers, Wikileaks and much more…..

Bits of Freedom Talk, Amsterdam, September 2010

Bof2 Bof3 I was invited to talk at a gathering of the (digital) civil liberties organisation, Bits of Freedom, in Amsterdam in September 2010.  This international, Dutch-based organisation is doing a fantastic job highlighting concerns about internet privacy, security and free speech issues. 

Many thanks to Ot and the team for inviting me, and thanks also to Jildou for filming the talk.  I had such a fun time, I even feel moved to forgive BoF for their thoughtful gift at the end of the evening – Tony Blair’s riveting autobiography.  Well, it makes a good door-stop…..