My article in The Guardian, 24 January 2011

Annie_1_Heleen_Banner Here’s a link to my art­icle in The Guard­i­an today, explor­ing the con­fused roles of mod­ern Brit­ish spies, and look­ing at some ways to sort out the mess. 

Both the police and the spooks seem to be hav­ing a bit of an iden­tity crisis at the moment…

Cambridge Union Society Talk, 28th January 2011

Cus_logo I shall be return­ing to my alma mater next week to do a talk at the Cam­bridge Uni­on Soci­ety on 28th Janu­ary.  I’ll be dis­cuss­ing spies, civil liber­ites, whis­tleblowers, Wikileaks and much more.….

Bits of Freedom Talk, Amsterdam, September 2010

Bof2 Bof3 I was invited to talk at a gath­er­ing of the (digit­al) civil liber­ties organ­isa­tion, Bits of Free­dom, in Ams­ter­dam in Septem­ber 2010.  This inter­na­tion­al, Dutch-based organ­isa­tion is doing a fant­ast­ic job high­light­ing con­cerns about inter­net pri­vacy, secur­ity and free speech issues. 

Many thanks to Ot and the team for invit­ing me, and thanks also to Jildou for film­ing the talk.  I had such a fun time, I even feel moved to for­give BoF for their thought­ful gift at the end of the even­ing — Tony Blair’s riv­et­ing auto­bi­o­graphy.  Well, it makes a good door-stop.….