New attack on Wikileaks

I read this rather wor­ry­ing art­icle in The Inde­pend­ent today.  I know that this is refrac­ted through the main­stream media, but if it is accurate.…

Why am I so con­cerned?  Well, the art­icle appears to show that vital cod­ing to enable secret sub­mis­sions from poten­tial whis­tleblowers across the world was removed from the Wikileaks site a few months ago.

Now, unfor­tu­nately I’m not a geek, but I pre­sume this means that poten­tial whis­tleblowers have been unable to sub­mit inform­a­tion to Wikileaks over the last few months — just at the time when the web­site hit the glob­al consciousness.

But the worst case scen­ario would be if, just when poten­tial whis­tleblowers are most likely to have become aware of the site and want to use it, the pro­tec­tion of anonym­ity was unex­pec­tedly and sur­repti­tiously removed from the web­site when they make submissions.

Either way, we urgently need clarification.

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