The Elephant in the Room

In September an award-winning independent documentary, “The Elephant in the Room” was screened at the Portobello Film Festival in London.

The film, made by British director Dean Puckett, had already won “Best Documentary” at the London Independent Film Festival earlier this year.  At Portobello, Dean won the “Best Director” award.

The film documents Dean’s personal journey and response to the tragic events of 9/11.  In October 2001 he visited New York with his father, who was running in the marathon.  As a budding 19 year old film maker, Dean recorded images of the traumatised city and his personal response to the events, and includes this early footage in the film.

He then goes on to meet activists in the UK and Europe who question the official account, and interview 9/11 hero William Rodriguez and US Presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney, amongst others.  He also deals sensitively with the first responders who are ill and dying because the US government lied about the safety of the air in NYC after the attacks.  These people are generally ignored and given little help or support.

I helped Dean in some sections of the film, and he accompanied William Rodriguez on the European leg of the speaking tour I organised for him last year – I’m chuffed to have an “Assistant Producer” credit!

The film can be downloaded and watched here.

BBC Radio Bristol Interview

A recent interview on BBC Radio Bristol to publicise the screening of an award-winning new documentary called “The Elephant in the Room”, made by talented director Dean Puckett.

I had the chance to explore the mechanisms by which the UK media is controlled by the spies and the government, including the section in MI6 called I/Ops, which plants false stories in the media to the benefit of MI5 and MI6.